Animated News: A Fascinating News Reporting Style in the Image Era
Tse-Mei Chen, Yu-Ling Lin

Taiwanese tabloid Apple Daily‟s online version broadcasted animated news across niche markets and the expanding influence of digital technologies. The study analyzed the news narration of animated news by compared it to the traditional TV news. The results indicated that Apple Daily‟s animated news continued the tabloid‟s lurid reporting style to focus on sensational topics and presented them with fascinating features. To catch the attention of young viewers who grew up in the image era, computer technique now plays a much more important role than ever before. Not only the possible news scenes were reenacted with animation and dubbed dialog between characters were designed, voice-overs, background music and special sound effect were applied along the news story to dramatize the news presentation and to provide viewers veracious pleasure out of watching. The study suggested that the introduction of animated news may not necessarily negative, if their tendency to attract the attention of audiences can be directed toward public affairs-related issues.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v5n2a4