An Evaluation of Health News in Turkey in Terms of Media Ethics and Science Journalism
Ahmet Ender Uysal

It is the political and economical context which detains us to give some thought to any subject and determines how we should approach to that subject. This case is not very different for science journalism. Monopolisation and nationalist discourse that we can consider in the political and economical context are the main factors which obstruct science communication. In this study, some chosen articles from different newspapers like Hürriyet, Zaman, Cumhuriyet in the time period of 2014-2015 will be analyzed through the notions of monopolisation and nationalist discourse by integrating them with media ethics. A total of 9 health news chosen from three separate newspapers that represent different investment groups will be analyzed by method of Van Dijk’s critical discourse analysis. Since they are related to the term science communication, health news are about R&D (Research and Development) activities and performed surgical operations. For the news to reflect the actual agenda, they are selected among the publications within a two year period of time with regard to nationalist discourse and monopolisation.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v5n1a3