Arab Audiences' Dependency on Traditional and New Media as Information Sources about Terrorist Attacks in Paris 2015
Bashar Abdel-Rahman Mutahar, Abd El-Basit Ahmed Hashem Mahmoud, Philip J. Auter

An online survey was conducted with a convenience sample of 400 respondents from Arab countries to examine their dependency on traditional and new media as a source of information about terrorist attacks in Paris 2015, and to investigate the reasons and effects of this dependency. The results indicated that the most respondents depended on new media more than traditional media as information source about these attacks, and behavioral effects were the most important effects of this dependency, the results also referred to a strong relationship between respondents’ dependency on both traditional and new media as information sources about terrorist attacks and the effects of this dependency. The findings also revealed that there was a significant effect for respondents' gender, age and educational level on this dependency.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v5n1a1