Media Convergence: A Paradigm Shift in Journalism Education in Nigeria
Oluchi Emma-Okoroafor

The mass departure of consumers from newspapers and broadcast television media to web media is not limited to the developed world but also has become a visible trend in developing countries like Nigeria. In Nigeria, Journalism/Mass Communication educators struggle with the challenge of ever-increasing innovations and try to incorporate such realities in the curriculum. After over one hundred and fifty two years of journalism practice in Nigeria, the concerns of journalism and mass communication educators remain how to ensure an effective blend of journalism curriculum with the constantly changing needs of the media industry. The speed of the adoption and diffusion of innovations in the contemporary media industry is posing a great challenge to media educators as the newsroom appears to be constantly ahead of the classroom, especially in the developing world. This paper therefore looked at how the journalism educators can adequately prepare and assist young and prospective journalists to become pro-active in order to meet with the new professional challenges generated by media convergence. The paper also made modest recommendations to this effect.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v4n1a2