Rate of crime and the involvement of Army Soldiers in Post Conflict Society in Sri Lanka; Gender representation in Crime and Lack of the Psycho - Social awareness in the Army Profession.
Manoj Jinadasa

Rate of crime and the involvement of Army soldiers in post conflict society in Sri Lanka constitus a substantial significance as lack of th psycho-social awareness in the army profession has caused to increase a number of individual criminal incidents in the post war society. And also the fact that the representation of gender in this rate of crime in the army sector has taking contemporary relevance to this study. However, this study looks at the level of the awareness of psycho-social knowledgeand how it does affect on the rate of crime and the gender representation of the crime after the post-war conflict society in Sri Lanka. Using a mixed methodology, this study was conducted in the north eastern area covering ten army camps. In the quantitative analysis, it was revealed the level of psycho-social knowledge and the army involvement for the post war national crimes. Ten cases of nationally reported crime were analysed for identifying the reletionship and involvement of army for that crimes. Ten in-depth interviews from focused group studies were conducted for investigating the real nature of the mind of army soldiers after the longly drivan war.Data gathered from both quantitative methods and qualitative methods were analysed in comparatively and analytically in terms of the objectives of the study. Based on the gathered data and their analysis, this study notes the following conclusions; Army involvement for the noted national crimes is minimal, however, based on the studied ten cases of crime, selected conveniently for analysing the hidden facts behind the relationship between army involvement towards crime after post-war conflict society, it reveals, lack of the knowledge of psychology and art and cultrual appreciation have caused to use military strategies for the criminal incidents. If the army soldiers after the war ,who have previously were in battle field, were known on how to manage their depressed mind using psycho-social awareness , they could have escaped from involving criminal events. Both male and female have communicated their hidden feeling and sexual desires , occuring the criminal incidents. However, more representation from male is significant in the army involvement for these crimes. Finally, this study highly appreciates of a necessity of a thorough course of empowerment in psycho-social awareness in the very begining of army initial training as well as in the post-war conflict society, so that establishment of a specialised division for mental helath services is highly recommended for the respective military sectors.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v3n2a2