Counter Publicity of Kurdish Women Journals: ROZA as an Alternative Media Exam
Assist. Prof. Dr. Nevin Yıldız Tahincioğlu, Dr. Nalan Ova

Women activists of the Kurdish movement in Turkey at beginning of the 1990s simultaneously criticized the Kurdish policy of formal ideology and patriarchal structure. ROZA, which was published as a result of this critical approach, was a periodical media through which Kurdish women made their voices heard within multi-layered woman publicity conditions. In this study, ROZA the first Kurdish feminist–journal is examined as an alternative feminist media example that began publication in March 1996 and continued until 1998. The struggle of Kurdish women was shown through this alternative media, which critiqued the Turkish- Kurdish conflict, migration and honour killings in Turkey.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v3n1a3