Indian Software Professional’s Preferences of Print and Online Newspapers in India
Dr. C. Pichandy, V. Ashok Kumar, R. Jayaseelan, V. Palaniappan

The large-scale penetration of internet has resulted in the culmination of a new generation of readers in software professionals who prefer knowing news just at the click of a button. This slow transformation among news consumers from print to online newspapers has laid impetus to know what holds the future of print newspapers. Keeping in pace with developing news dissemination systems, although slower to adapt, print newspapers are now embracing innovative technologies to enhance their business. In this backdrop of a transition from the traditional print media to the digital enterprise, this research focusing on the software industry, which plays a major role in the growth of Indian economy, becomes necessary to study the preferences of educated and a niche segment of the news consumers. A useful outcome of the study is that though there is tremendous digital penetration in a Tier II city like Coimbatore, the traditional print media still continues to hold its dominance. Unlike the Western countries, where the digital influence has been remarkable, it’s a different scenario here with most people still preferring to read through print newspapers.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v2n2a4