Disparities between UAE and other Public Relations Professionals: Challenges, Opportunities, and Cultural Obstacles
Dr. Badreya Al-Jenaibi

UAE companies lack adequate public relations strategies and practices, causing businesses to suffer from both financial and reputational declines. The significance of public relations strategies is clear on international platforms. Considering the need to establish PR strategies, several UAE companies emphasize this untouched area and spend increasingly more time and money in its domain. This study investigates the cause of missing links regarding public relations strategies since soon the topic will be addressed internationally and it is a growing field in the UAE. A qualitative research strategy was used, 100 questionnaires were distributed among PR practitioners and both primary and secondary data were used to maximize conclusive results. Results highlight the role of public relations practitioners worldwide in comparison to those in the UAE, especially regarding public opinions of the functions of public relations. Suggestions for UAE companies are discussed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rjmc.v2n2a2